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Through the fadhl of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, Gohajj.net, launched as a website in 2016 with the intention of facilitating the Muslim Ummah in finding the best Hajj and Umrah packages which would cater for their needs. At the same time, the intention was also to provide a platform for previous pilgrims to share their experiences and ratings of the tour provider they booked with, so that future pilgrims would benefit from their honest reviews.


Many years ago, before embarking on the blessed journey of Hajj, we booked a tour provider without knowing much about them but through family recommendation. We were very weary and apprehensive as too how our journey would be, knowing that we had put all our savings into going. Alhamdulillah, through the Mercy of Allah, we were very fortunate that our Hajj tour providers went out of their way to make our journey a fantastic experience full of comfort and ease. Many years on, we still reflect back with happy memories. We make dua Allah blesses our tour providers with the best of this world and most importantly the hereafter. May Allah make them amongst those whom He loves, and amongst those whom He has favoured. Ameen.

Go Hajj – Our Aim

Having embarked on the blessed Hajj journey, we understand exactly how you feel when you first express the intention of going. We want your journey to be as comfortable as possible and so we have created go-hajj.net to help you in choosing the best tour package and tour provider.

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Insha-Allah, we also hope to facilitate in providing listings of halal holidays in the near future.

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